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Web Applications by EASYCON has a priority to satisfy the needs of our clients, but also their customers. Thanks to the easy management of App, you always find quickly what you are looking for from any devices you want to use. You can check the website Top-fight and see our work.

Besides web pages, we also do the others software. Our platform for ordering and invoicing is used for example by Medical News. You can be a small entrepreneur or a large corporation, you will always get the best services.

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O nás

We are a technological company that develops software and integrate hardware for industrial use. Our field of expertise is mainly IoT and Web Application Development.

Our main selling point is providing tailored services. Thanks to that you will have everything you need in an easy and simple way, ready to use it. In the field of IoT we have many certifications so that we can provide you the complex solution to your problems from the paperwork to device installation and follow-up services.

Webové aplikace

We create tailored web applications with our administrative system. Thanks to that, the websites are easily manageable and adjustable. We are proud to have satisfied customer as Apama, Kilpi snow school Ramzová, Medical News, Top-fight and many others.

The basic feature of our applications is functionality. We want our software to provide only things our customers make use of. That is what make applications by EASYCON so easy to work with. We will be glad to help you with creating your web or with its upgrading. In case you don’t have any branding policy or a clear vision about your web, we can create a new responsive graphic design just for you. Are you dealing with problems with your actual website or you just want to ask something? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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Internet of Things

Possibilities of IoT are nearly limitless so they can enhance even your business. In present times, we are focusing mainly on the areas mentioned in the section below, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do others. It is the right opposite. Our technology is easily adjustable for many different use cases. Besides wide scale of measurement, you can use IoT for safety purposes as it can detect if doors or windows are closed or opened, for checking the availability of free spots on a parking lot and many other examples. Do you find IoT interesting and think it may help you? Contact us through the button below and we can find the solution for you.

Based on customer’s needs we choose the best technology for him. We use several IoT technologies, mainly Sigfox, Wi-Fi and newly even technology IQRF.

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Řídící systémy

Our control system is developed for PLC using software Simatic Manager Step 7. We provide visualization and technical documentation included corresponding materials and loop tests for switchboards. Our systems are not only for corporate customers but also for small companies with an interest in automatization their production. In case you combine this service with IoT solutions, you can request for subsidy in program Industry 4.0.

Our partner is, for example, Siemens which use our control system for a steam turbine, valve and motor control etc.

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